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  • Special drinks

  • Tea

  • White Chocolate Cookie

  • Milk Chocolate Cookie

  • Double Chocolate Cookie

  • Vanilla Chai Latte

  • Spiced Chai Latte

  • Iced Chocolate Mint

  • Iced Chocolate Vanilla

  • Iced Chocolate White

  • Iced Chocolate Dark

  • Hot Chocolate Espresso

  • Hot Chocolate Sensation

  • Hot Chocolate Hazelnut

  • Hot Chocolate Almond

  • Hot Chocolate Vanilla

  • Hot Chocolate Coconut

  • Original White Chocolate

  • Original Dark Chocolate

  • Flat White

    A stronger version of the cappuccino made with two shots of espresso topped with warm milk and thin layer of milk foam.

  • Racy Zestea

    Cinnamon, almond pieces, lemon peel & rose blossom

  • Amsterdam blend

    Cinnamon, vanilla & clove

  • Enchanted garden

    Raspberry, cranberry & rose

  • Cardamom Vanilla

    Walnuts, cardamom, orange peel & orange blossom

  • Green almond

    Almond, yerba mate, coconut, rose & cornflower

  • Jasmine

    Jasmine blossom

  • Racy Bamboo

    White tea, apple, sugared pineapple pieces, bamboo leaf, mint, blackberry leaves, roses & marigold flower

  • Caramel almond

    Caramalised almonds, cinnamon, apple & beetroot

  • Peaceful dip

    Melissa leaves, rosehips husks, fennel, lemon grass, rose blossom, cardamom, chamomile, peppermint leaves, sage leaves & nutmeg

  • Olive beauty

    Olive leaves, apple, orange peel, banana chips, sunflower blossom & cornflower

  • Soul healer

    Rooibos, quince, apple, mint, ginkgo, orange, jasmine blossom, lemon grass, liqorice, kiwi & marigold blossom

  • Garden Botanical

    Apple, heather blossom, lime blossom, marigold blossom, mallow, safflower blossom & rose petals

  • Mountain discovery

    Fennel, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, lime blossom, nettle leaf, clove, orange peel & orange blossom

  • Eastern sensation

    White tea, green tea, jasmine tea, jasmine petals, basil, Melissa, apple, rose petals & cornflower

  • Cinnamon love

    White tea Pai Mu Tan, white tea Mao Feng, green tea Chun Mee, cinnamon, ginger, cocao, turmeric, black pepper, anise, chili, rose, cardamom, bourbon vanilla, clove & lemon grass

  • Chocolate Heaven

    Cocoa pieces, berries, apple, dates, cinnamon, yoghurt crispies, rose blossom & cornflower

  • Ginger tea

  • Exotic Dreams

    Mandarin, vanilla & marigold

  • Mealime

    Orange peels & cornflower blossom

  • Fresh mint tea

  • Coconut Latte

    A mild coffee drink with a dominant coconut milk flavor.

  • Almondccino

    A cappuccino made with softly steamed almond milk.

  • Cortado

    This coffee has its origin in Spain. It’s a short version of cappuccino.

  • Ristretto

    A short espresso for the real coffee lover.

  • Ice Mocha

  • Caramel Iced Coffee

  • Original Iced Coffee

  • Qahwa

    Exotic Arabic coffee with cardamom seeds

  • Turkish Coffee

  • Latte

    A mild coffee drink, one espresso with warm milk.

  • Latte Macchiato

    A mild coffee with cloudy foam on the top.

  • Cappuccino

    Coffee consisting of one third espresso, one third hot milk and one third milk foam.

  • Chemex

  • V60

  • Espresso Macchiato

    An espresso with a crown of milk foam.

  • Americano

    We no speak Americano! An espresso diluted with hot water.

  • Espresso

    The base of every coffee drink with a dark body and a golden coffee crema.

  • Chiqueolatte Fondue

    This one is a real temptation for every chocolate lover, that will tickle all of your taste senses.

    Enjoy the tasteful chocolate fondue with an amazing selection of fresh fruits, marshmal- lows and cookies. Are you ready to start dipping in that sweet and hot bowl of goodness?

    • White/Milk/Dark/Ruby
    • 2-3 persons


  • High Chocolate

    Sweet and healthy!

    Fruits, cookies and marshmallows dipped in hot chocolate from the chocolate fountain. Isn’t that an overload of happi- ness?

    We all know that chocolate has the magical ability to make us feel incredibly happy. Are you ready to enjoy all these stages of happiness? Order your high chocolate now and take a dive in the fountain of chocolate.

    • White/Milk/Dark/Ruby
    • Min. 4 persons
    Reservation required at least 1 day in advance
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